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What do you read in her eyes?

The future of a population is written in the eyes of every child who learns to read Tibetan.

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It only takes 80 cents a day

To ensure to a Tibetan child an education in harmony with her/his cultural roots and to cover the cost of basic needs.

Educating Tibetan children not only allows them to preserve and pass on the precious traditions of this ancient population, but it ensures the possibility for these children to improve their economic and social status and to gain the skills to better compete in a fast-pacing market.

If you think about it … it is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Start a Long Distance Sponsorship with ASIA and you will receive the personal story and the photo of the child you will be supporting.

You will also have the chance to know her/him personally through the exchange of letters and photos and by visiting the schools we support in ASIA.

What we can do together


The school is asking for a long-term support to help the poorest students’families buying, every year, the necessary winter and summer school uniforms (which may be similar to the typical Tibetan monks’ robes), medical assistance, educational material, coverage for travel expenses.
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Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

Fai un gesto che farà scuola

NEPAL Rebuild the schools

Let's rebuild together the schools destroyed by the earthquake.Now we need your help. The schools will be a safe place where the children can learn to grow up and will be protected from child trafficking.

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