Long distance sponsorship

The Long Distance Sponsorship guarantees Tibetan children, monks and nuns the possibility to continue their studies and receive everything they need to live and study with dignity (uniforms, blankets, sheets, books, medicines, food, etc.), while respecting their cultural identity.

With the Long Distance Sponsorship, it is also possible to support Tibetan elders living in Care Homes in some of the Tibetan refugee villages in India, and to help Tibetan young people attending high school, university or vocational training.

To give continuity to the educational path of a child or a young student, to give concrete support to a monk or a nun, or to give greater serenity to an elderly person we need your commitment for at least 3 years.

Start your Long Distance Sponsorship now and within 15 days you will receive the personal story and the picture of the person you will be supporting.

The Long Distance Sponsorship can be a gift not only for the person you will be helping, but even a gift for your loved ones.

Why not gft a Long Distance Sponsorship of a child, monk, student or elder to friends or family?

The recipient of your gift will receive the personal story and picture of the beneficiary they will be sponsoring and you will receive a message that will notify you that the gift was delivered.

Start your Long Distance Sponsorship

For more information

Visit the FAQ section or  contact our Long Distance Sponsorship Office

  • Telephone (+39) 0644340034
  • Email adozioni@asia-onlus.org
  • Skype asiasponsorship
Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

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NEPAL Rebuild the schools

Let's rebuild together the schools destroyed by the earthquake.Now we need your help. The schools will be a safe place where the children can learn to grow up and will be protected from child trafficking.

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