Testimonials from Nepal


22 Apr Testimonials from Nepal

ASIA started working in earthquake affected areas immediate after the first earthquake focusing on remote areas of Rasuwa district. ASIA fulfilled all the governmental and bureaucratic procedures to be in line with the priorities of the district government of Nepal and delivered the emergency response materials as possible as to the doorstep of community households.

Mira and Suppa are part of those people who , due to landslides caused by the earthquake , saw deleted their village. ASIA besides distributing basic necessities to protect themselves from monsoons and cooking food, has organized training courses for carpenters also delivering equipment for the construction of beds. Lhamu instead is part of the families affected by the earthquake who live in Yarsa ( Rasuwa District ) where the earthquake destroyed homes and schools, here ASIA distributed aluminum panels to build temporary shelters, basic necessities kit , made training to put safe or demolish the damaged houses and provided financial contributions for the construction of toilets. In Yarsa and Saramthali were built 58 temporary classrooms and so 2345 children were able to resume their school activities.

Ms. Mira Tamang  – Displaced HakuNepal_Mira-Tamang
What did the earthquake caused to your life?
During the first earthquake, I was undergoing surgery in the hospital. The hospital discharged me before the stipulated date without even removing the stitches. I had to come to the IDP camp with my family where we had no food, no gas to cook, no bedding. We all slept on the floor.
What ASIA did to help you?
ASIA provided us with beds and mattresses to sleep on, a mosquito net to avoid mosquitoes, and cooking gas and stove to cook our food.
How is your life change?
All these things were very important for my family and me, especially during my sickness. I want to thank ASIA Onlus for making my life better with these facilities.

Mr. Suppa Tamang – Displaced Haku
What did the earthquake caused to your life?Nepal-Suppa
I was chatting with other villagers in my shop when the earthquake struck. They were all able to run outside but I couldn’t because of my disability. I slowly grabbed my 4 year old daughter Chandika and we got out of the shop. We left our village and moved to a safer location, sleeping on the cold floor under CGI sheets.
What ASIA did to help you?
ASIA Onlus provided us with bamboo, plywood, and mattresses for the construction of beds. We also received mosquito nets, gas cylinders and stoves, and solar lamps. The materials are of very good quality.
How is your life change?
I don’t think we will go back to our village as landslides have swept everything away. But at least now we have beds to sleep on, gas to cook food, and mosquito nets to keep away mosquitoes.

Ms. Lhamu Thokra – Yarsa (Rasuwa District) 
What did the earthquake caused to your life?Nepal-Lhamu
We lost our home and all of our belongings. Since the aftershocks have continued, we have been sleeping under a temporary shelter. The earthquake caused big landslides around our village so we have been unable to go to the market for essential things and we are too scared to go back to work in our fields because of the landslides.
What ASIA did to help you?
ASIA gave us CGI sheets, blankets, toolkits, and cash for the construction of toilets in our community.
How is your life change?
We were able to use to CGI sheets and toolkits to construct a better and stronger temporary shelter to protect us from the monsoon rains. We were also able to use the tools for the demolition of damaged and unsafe buildings around us. The blankets were of good quality and kept us warm during the winter.

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Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

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NEPAL Rebuild the schools

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