Yungog school

Yungog school is in Hebei – a village in the Chinese Province of Qinghai – at an altitude of about 3,200 meters. Here, thanks to long-distance sponsorship we manage to support 95 children. However, many more need us, as there are 400 resident children in total.

Hebei’s difficult life conditions and isolation have allowed the Tibetan traditions to survive here more than in other areas. It is thus important to give an effective contribution to the children living in Yungog shool. Thanks to long-distance sponsorship, they will be able to go to school and receive food, clothes, school materials and medical care.

Thanks to ASIA’s school renovation and its projects for long-distance sponsorship, nowadays life conditions of the resident children have improved greatly. However, due to long distances, children sometimes can’t leave the school even at weekends, and meet their families only at the end of the semester, or just a couple of times each semester. The school is their home, and we therefore need more funds to cover their basic needs.

Thanks to many contributors, nowadays we manage to support 105 children. However, children and families keep asking for help. Don’t wait, choose long-distance sponsorship.

This project is based on individual support: the supporter distance sponsors a child or a monk, with whom he/she can create a real and personal relationship through correspondence and travel to the place where the child or monk lives.

  • provided books in the Tibetan language, English and Chinese, and furnished a library open to both children and teachers
  • created a classroom with 30 computers
  • installed floor-heating in children’s bedrooms and dining room
  • provided each child with their everyday needs, such as school materials, food, basic medical care and clothes.

An increasing number of children at Yungog school need us. Do you want to help us?

Together, we must continue providing:

  • Food
  • Heating
  • Medical care
  • School materials
  • Clothes


The children living in Yungog school need our help. Choose long-distance sponsorship now!

Life at Yungog school is very simple and follows the course of nature: there is no running water, while energy supply is not regular.

School days are very long: children wake up at 6 am and have classes until 9 pm, with lunch and dinner breaks.

In order to juice up children’s days and make learning more pleasant, teachers usually organise games and competitions that support everyday teachings: students are involved in traditional dances, drawing, reading competitions in the Tibetan language, Chinese and English, and so on. The class with the highest score gets a certificate, and each of its children is rewarded with notebooks and pens.

It only takes 80 cents a day to cover the basic needs of a child, if you think about it… It is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

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NEPAL Rebuild the schools

Let's rebuild together the schools destroyed by the earthquake.Now we need your help. The schools will be a safe place where the children can learn to grow up and will be protected from child trafficking.

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