The Dzolung monastery

In Tibet we have managed to preserve one of the most important sacred place, but now monks living in the Dzolung Monastery are in serious trouble.

We work with the Dzolung monks since 1999 and we managed to do so thanks to our donors:  we built a College of Practice and we covered the costs of food, accommodation, heating, medical care.

At this time we are distributing to Dzolung monks essential items for their daily life: beds, tables, bookcases …

However, the survival of the monastery is once again in danger: the monks have difficulty in procuring food and clothing and they are likely to get ill because they have no more resources to warm up properly.

Their future and the future of Tibetan spiritual culture also depends on you, help them through a long distance sponsorship.

This project is based on individual support: the supporter distance sponsors a child or a monk, with whom he/she can create a real and personal relationship through correspondence and travel to the place where the child or monk lives.

We have been working here since 1999 and we have managed to:

  • build a College of Practice;
  • provide food, accommodation and heating;
  • ensure medical care.

But emergencies still remain…

Together we should continue providing:

  • food;
  • heating;
  • medical care.

The monks who live in  this spiritual treasure chest need our help now.

Dzolung is a small monastery that follows the Sakyapa tradition.

It  was the residence of A-Yu Khadro, the yogini master of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, who spent most her lifetime in the cave at the back of the monastery.

She died in 1953 at the age of 115.  Her reincarnation (tulku) still lives in the monastery.

It only takes 80 cents a day, if you think about it… It is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Sponsor a Monk
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