Rasuwa’s schools (Nepal)

In Nepal, we support 4 schools that we have rebuilt thanks to the generous help of our donors after the devastating earthquake of 2015. Thanks to these schools, Nepalese children can be educated and protected from trafficking and child labor.

Now our most important goal is to give the possibility to as many young girls as possible to enrol in school; in fact, high levels of illiteracy correspond to higher percentages of child brides.

In Nepal, the average age of brides increases by 4 years for women who have only completed elementary school. Moreover, the percentage of girls without education between the ages of 15 and 19 who have been pregnant is 33%. This number falls dramatically to 9% for girls who have been given the opportunity to study.

Finally, among the girls without education in Nepal, one in three is victim of domestic violence, while the risk is lowered to one in ten for those who attended school (Source: NDHS 2016).

With the Long Distance Sponsorship, we want to give a long-term and continuous help to the girls who live in this isolated area.

A girl from these schools is waiting for you; start your Long Distance Sponsorship now.

This project is based on a personal and individual support: the supporter can sponsor a child or a monk, with whom he/she can create a real and personal relationship through correspondence and by travelling to the place where the child lives.

We have been working here since 2015:

  • we intervened immediately after the earthquake of 2015, also realizing 58 temporary schools for children in this area.
  • we built 4 schools: the school of Arukharkha, Thangdor, Namuna and Dupcheshwori. Now many children need our and your help …

Give the possibility to as many young girls as possible to enrol in school; in fact, high levels of illiteracy correspond to higher percentages of child brides. Schools will protect girls from trafficking and child labor. The girls who live in the Rasuwa area need our help. Start your Long Distance Sponsorship now.

It only takes 80 cents a day to provide for the basic needs of a child, if you think about it… It is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Sponsor a child
Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

Fai un gesto che farà scuola

NEPAL Rebuild the schools

Let's rebuild together the schools destroyed by the earthquake.Now we need your help. The schools will be a safe place where the children can learn to grow up and will be protected from child trafficking.

Do something generous and donate now.