Golok school

In Tibet we have built and still support Golok school. Thanks to our long-distance sponsorship project, at present 291 female children have access to an adequate standard of living and education. In the surrounding area over 75% of local women cannot either read or write.

In 1996 Jigmed Gyaltsen, a monk at the renowned Ragya Monastery in Golok prefecture, built a new school where only male children could learn both ancient religious traditions and new disciplines. In order to guarantee fair opportunities in this area where 75% of females are still illiterate, we have built a female school. Its four buildings include classrooms, one kitchen, three dormitories and one canteen.
Nowadays 533 female students attend our school, where they learn by memorizing and debating — that’s the monks’ method.
We started our long-distance sponsorship project in July 2007. Thanks to our supporters, almost 300 female children have the opportunity to get an adequate education and standard of living.
The sponsorship covers all children’s expenses (school supplies, books, basic health care), as well as ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the buildings. Help future women by supporting a Tibetan female child.

This project is based on individual support: the supporter distance sponsors a child or a monk, with whom he/she can create a real and personal relationship through correspondence and travel to the place where the child or monk lives.

  • we built Golok school in 2006
    we started the long-distance sponsorship in 2007
    we provide children with school supplies and books, ad basic health care

Many female children need our and your help…

Together, we must continue providing:

• food
• heating
• medical care
• school materials
• clothes

Make you Long Distance Sponsorship 

In 1996 Jigmed Gyaltsen, a monk at the renowned Ragya Monastery in Golok prefecture, built a new school on the south-western plateau in the Chinese Qinghai province, 4,200 above the sea level. Here, male children can learn both ancient religious traditions and new modern disciplines. This school differs from all the others in Qinghai province for its learning techniques, as teachers use the “teaching and debate” method — a method used in the past in the monasteries — and they mix it with modern learning methods. Unfortunately this school cannot be attended by female students, as it is located on the lands owned by Ragya Monastery.
That’s why we have decided to build a school for them: Golok school.

It only takes 80 cents a day to cover the basic needs of a child, if you think about it… It is less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

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Nepal: ricostruiamo le scuole

ASIA è sul posto dai primi giorni dopo il terremoto. E passata l’emergenza, non se n’è andata. È rimasta per dare una mano a ricostruire il futuro di molti bambini, a partire dalle scuole.

Fai un gesto che farà scuola

NEPAL Rebuild the schools

Let's rebuild together the schools destroyed by the earthquake.Now we need your help. The schools will be a safe place where the children can learn to grow up and will be protected from child trafficking.

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